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TOPIC: What is your opinion regarding the glass back?

What is your opinion regarding the glass back? 1 year 2 days ago #199315

Honestly, I hate it. I am a bit of an old-fashioned guy, but I like the innovations that brought us to the present-day phones. I mean, some things like the bigger screens, huge memories and the software developements are amazing.

But there are also things I hate. And the one I hate the most (and makes me instantly not want to buy a phone) is this glass back. It's useless for me. It might look good, but you can break it easily, sometimes even with a case. I also have examples of how the back was able to break, while the front screen didn't, after impacts of the same intensity on the same surface. I really don't know how and why did this trend start (perhaps for wireless charging?), but I see no point in having a glass back.Rightmove Kijiji Quizlet

I'd really like to hear more opinions as I don't know any practical uses for the glass back. Apart from that design, is it useful in any other way or it is there just for the sake of it?
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