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TOPIC: Got a samsungMini after 20 years

Got a samsungMini after 20 years 8 months 2 days ago #199339

used a Mac in the days of OS 7, before Mac OS X. Built my own PCs over the years and have an awesome 8700K based machine today.

When Apple released the new Mac Mini, I looked what they delivered and was impressed with the design and performance. I got an i5, 6 core, 8GB ram, 256 SSD model that has a Geekbench of 5220 (SC), 20338 (MC). I was lucky and my monitor (a 4K TV) and mouse and keyboard were all compatible, and the Logitech mouse and keyboard can be paired to both a PC and Mac at the same time. The only addition I made to the Mini was an external SSD for data.

It turned out to be a great and easy transition due in a large part to Microsoft. I have an Office 365 account, so I had Microsoft Office for the Mac with no additional cost. My data was in OneDrive, which has great Mac support. Chrome synched all my bookmarks, and my cloud based password manager worked perfectly.

Within a few hours, I was functional and regular usage felt better and easier than my PC. Graphics are slower, but OK if you aren't using it for gaming. The Mini's CPU is great, but the integrated Intel Graphics are not even in the same ballpark as recent PC graphics cards.discord.software downloader.vip/adobe-reader downloader.vip/itunes

I'll keep the PC, but probably use it for games and heavy CPU tasks, like video encoding. I expect it will become a special purpose device that doesn't get used that often.
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