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DOCTOR WHO WENT VIRAL ON INSTAGRAM 7 months 2 weeks ago #199452

Recently few months back, Instagram was on a viral photo of a young man wearing a medical practice shirt with a collapse image of him wearing a 'green' shirt typical of Go-jek. This young doctor from Palembang named Ahmad Nabhan also worked as a Go-jek motorcycle taxi driver during his free time. Even though he had to go to college and become a motorcycle taxi driver at the same time, the young man who was familiarly called Cody was still able to complete his thesis exam in early February with a GPA of 3.00 at the Muhammadiyah University of Palembang.
At that time, the hardest burden was that his desire Movies series world to join Gojek was not approved by the family, especially his biological mother, Rodiah. Because his mother is afraid that her work will disrupt her studies. In addition, Narik Go-Jek also has a high risk of accidents on the streets.
Cody emphasized that what he did was to exercise his independence, and also did not need to be embarrassed because the results obtained from being an ojek driver were halal. There is no harm if students from medical majors attract motorbikes to increase their pocket money.
Cody is a very inspiring figure! For friends, what do you do during your free time? And what character do you play on weekends? Do you volunteer? Come on download the Typany for a smoother typing experience that comes with a variety of themes and tell us what your dream job is on our Facebook or Line...
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