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TOPIC: Guide to Playing Sicbo on Android / PC

Guide to Playing Sicbo on Android / PC 7 months 2 weeks ago #199453

This may help you allot,..
Readers need to know in advance, in this game Dice was first known in 1900. Origin of this Casino Game was made from a Stone that is in Paint and shaped Square. Then on each side has a number that is 1 to 6. For the rules of the game Dice (Sicbo) this has never changed until now. This Dice game is better known as Sicbo which means Paired Dice. But in the Sicbo Online Agent system this can be called the Tai Sai or Dai Siu, which means "Big Small" Movies series world.

In playing Sicbo Online Agentthis can be played only for one person. Although it can usually be played with a table that is crowded with other bettors. So in playing this Sicbo Dice, then the Table will be handled by 1 beautiful dealer, then you only need to install your bet by clicking on the table on the table. The limit for betting is usually 30 seconds up to 60 seconds. After that, then the dice will be shaken into shell. If you successfully guess the dice in the shortest then you will win the bet.

The following is how to play it

for how to play, so the reader can see the explanation that the Sicbo Online Agent gives below:
1. Column explanation value Prize bets in each dice in column B will increase following multiples of the Sicbo Agent with the same value that will come out in each round, for example: dice with the same number as 2, then bets are declared right and win will get 2x the value of the previous bet.

2. Single dice column: is a column of Sic Bo Dadu for a single dice type (unit), starting with a dice with numbers 1 to 6.

3. 5x prize column: a SicBo Dice Betting column for 2 dice combinations (according to the image) of 3 dice are played, each right choice will get 5x the bet value of your capital.

4. Total dice column: is a Togel bet column for guessing the number of 3 dice played, each prize value is printed at the bottom. For example the total dice value 10, the value of the multiplier is 6x than the value of the bet (written 1/6).

5. Big / Small Column (Large / Small): is a bet column for guessing the value of 3 dice is large or small. Small / small categories are 4 to 10, while big / big are 11 to 17. For this column, the prize value is 1/1 or 1 versus 1 of the bet value. If the results appear in the form of 3 dice of equal value, then the big or small pairs will be declared defeated.

6. The 8x prize column: is the bet column for 2 dice of the same value (according to the picture), if in 1 round of game there are 2 dice equal to 3 dice, then the right bet and win will get a prize of 8x.

7. Specific triple column: is the bet column for 3 dice of the same value (according to the picture), if in 1 round of game there are 3 dice with all the same value, then the right bet and win will get a prize of 150x.

8. Any triple column: is a bet column for 3 dice worth the same, but the choice is a combination of 3 dice together from numbers 1 to 6 (according to the picture). The winning multiplier will be smaller than G because it is not required to guess a certain number worth the same. The multiplier wins 24x the bet value.
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