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TOPIC: Assassin's creed Odyssey is a way better game than Gta

Assassin's creed Odyssey is a way better game than Gta 7 months 1 week ago #199460

Here is why Assassin creed odyssey is waybetter rpg game than gta.

Openworld = Assassin's creed odyssey >>> gta. (assassin creed odyssey has a waybetter openworld than witcher, not only Assassin creed odyssey openworld is huge its 5 times bigger than gta map without loading screen, and also way more impressive than gta, single building design in Assassin creed odyssey bitch slap entire gta entire openworld in terms of beauty, gta sea is empty other than sirens, but in Assassin creed odyssey sea is full of inro.in/gotomeeting/ inro.in/irfanview/ inro.in/town-of-salem/ life like fishes, ships actually fighting in the ocean, dolphin swimming with the ship.

Gameplay = Assassin creed odyssey >>> gta gameplay. Like stealth is way better in odyssey, combat is waybetter in odyssey, you can parkour from horse, Bow combat is waybetter, ship combat and way more in odyssey .

Enemy type = Assassin creed odyssey > gta has many types of enemies, but in Assassin creed odyssey 50 different types of mercenaries, 3 types of godly creatures, and way more sub boss fights like 8 legendary animals, story boss fights, arena boss fights, etc etc.

Story wise = Assassin creed odyssey > gta, Assassin creed story is waybetter and compelling than, finding a step daughter so baddies can't use her power to destroy the world.

costumes = Assassin creed odyssey > gta

Mounts = Assassin creed odyssey > gta.

Being an rpg = Assassin creed odyssey > gta, you can kill civilians steal from them, witcher 3 nope, Assassin creed odyssey has waymore freedom than gta and waybetter role playing game than gta.

Characters = gta = Assassin creed odyssey, both have lots of memorable characters.

Side quests = Gta > Assassin creed odyssey, Assassin creed odyssey side quest are good. but not much gta level.

Crafting = gta >>> Assassin creed odyssey.....

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