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TOPIC: Screen Burned Out. How can I still temporarily use it?

Screen Burned Out. How can I still temporarily use it? 1 week 23 hours ago #201517

Hello everyone,,
Last night I was using my Galaxy S5 like usual when suddenly 2 vertical lines, one green and one white, appeared on my screen as it started glitching out and fading colors. After about 20 minutes, a giant purple blotch that looked like someone shot a purple paintball would appear at the bottom every time I turned it on. It would get bigger every 10 minutes until finally it started to turn black, and eventually I could only see the top left corner of my screen and finally nothing at all. Now, the screen is completely black at all times and will not display anything, but I think aside from that it still works. I can say "ok Google" and tell it to play a song, set an alarm, or call one of my contacts and it still does that just fine, but without any display. I can also hear the sound of app icons being clicked when I turn it on and press on the screen, I just can't see it. I can turn my flashlight on too, since I remember where it is on my homescreen. I've already ordered a new phone, since I've known I needed one for a while anyway, but it will still be about 2 weeks before it gets here. Thankfully I already have most of my important files on an SD card, but is there any way I can use voice commands to actually use my phone temporarily for these 2 weeks, like blind people who have cell phones or something? I would activate talkback, but that's difficult when I can't see how. The USB port has been burned out for a long time too, so I can't connect it to a computer to do it (I've been taking the battery out of the phone to charge it, in case you were wondering). All I want to know is the best way to still be able to possibly read text messages, or have my phone read them back to me, using voice commands, or how to download a blind navigation app or something similar, without actually being able to see my screen. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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