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TOPIC: Why does everyone have such high obession over having a bezeless phone

Why does everyone have such high obession over having a bezeless phone 11 months 6 days ago #199297

At first I kinda got the idea of putting a bigger screen without making the whole body bigger, but now we have all those gimmicky solutions to a problem that doesn't really exist which is shaving off the bottom bezel and hiding front facing camera and sensors just to add barely any screen and call that a revolution. Notch bothers me because it looks like dead pixels cutting into my screen meanwhile I really don't care even if my phone has big bezels as long as it works well.

Honestly I think we should just put giant front facing speakers into bezels and call it a day so we can actually move on trying to innovate something meaningful. Or do smartphone companies simply don't know what to do anymore so it's all about thinner bezels, more camera lenses and following whatever trend is easy to follow (like removing the headphone jack for no reason other than because Apple did it and have 90% if not more of all Android phones made this year look like iPhone clones).downloader.vip/minecraft-pocket-edition/ downloader.vip/counter-strike/ downloader.vip/google-play-services/
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