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TOPIC: Best straightforward Android / Google podcast?

Best straightforward Android / Google podcast? 9 months 1 week ago #199301

Hey everybody. Hoping to get a recommendation from you. I have been a long time subscrber to the material podcast to get my Google and Android news but I'm finding it increasingly that A. The lack of an Android developer on the show has greatly diminished the insight the hosts can provide and B. The show seems increasingly to be about 10% news, 25% personal anecdotes and off-topic riffs, and 65% commentary on the news and the anecdotes.

can anybody recommend a good podcast that actually delivers Android and Google news straight forward without as much if not more time spent on an unrelated commentary? I don't specifically mind commentary and editorializing on the news itself, but when the vast majority of the time is taken up doing things other than actually presenting information, it's a bit of a turn off.AkinatorXender Kik

I work in software so I'm not opposed to a more technical leaning podcast, but I would love to find something that provides a relatively comprehensive perspective on Google related news, including Android developments, new phones, etc. but also other Alphabet concerns.I welcome your suggestions.
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