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TOPIC: The ill-conceived Palm Phone

The ill-conceived Palm Phone 11 months 2 weeks ago #199214

It's clear that the most recent Palm phone is ill-conceived. Its dependence on your primary device (the big screened Note 9s of the world), for a lot of functionality, and its ridiculously undersized battery, handicaps what could be a very interesting value proposition. Its current value proposition, reflected in ads and pitches (i.e. active wear, time-out from the primary device), is really best served with a smartwatch.

There are many crying out for a more comfortably sized phone, the 3.5 inch screen of yesteryear, that doesn't demand two-handed use. But the common rebuttal against smaller devices is that it takes away from our heavy media consumption use. Phones today exist in this uncomfortable middle ground of being big enough for media consumption (albeit not as satisfying as a full-sized screen) but not small enough to be handled easily with one hand for those tight jeans pockets.

If the Palm were to increase its battery capacity to 1500-2000 mah (with a necessary size bump up to 4.2 inches, on a small form factor made possible by the bezel-less trend), and remove this crippling idea of cellular dependence on a primary device, it could prove to be what a lot of people are looking for: an undemanding device that can do what you want when you need it, while you're on the go-- especially with greater software emphasis on voice typing for messaging, and a more compelling user interface than the generic Apple Watch-style icon grid that makes you wonder "why not just get a smartwatch?".

And here's the kicker: Apple should buy this Palm division. Apple could market this so well to accompany their market-dominating iPad line. With a full ecosystem backing up that small screen, you transition from an independently operating and easy-to-use Palm for on-the-go activity, and kick back and relax with a YouTube video on your iPad.https://bluestacks.vip/ https://textnow.vip/ https://downloader.vip/vpn/

What say you, small phone enthusiasts?
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