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TOPIC: Why the Android tablet hate?

Why the Android tablet hate? 1 year 1 month ago #199259

Over the past few months I've noticed lots of tech reviewers saying things like "Android tablets are dead", or "they need to stop trying to make Android tablets". Even Android-dedicated reviewers seem to be tired of tablets. Yet at the same time most reviewers seem to believe iPads are a permenant device type.

I don't understand why Android tablets are being sneered at lately, while iOS tablets are not. I own both types and don't find my iPad to be "superior" in any way that can justify the opinions I'm seeing.

So why the Android tablet hate? I assume there are reasons, but would appreciate if anyone can share insight into what those reasons might be. Although I'll admit that some Android tablets can have poor build quality or glitchy software issues, I feel that's more a consequence of the tight Apple ecosystem enforcing uniformity than an inherent fault of Android as an OS.Rightmove Kijiji Quizlet
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